We were invited to check out Activate Games in Oak Brook and I think it may be our favorite thing we’ve done as a family. Read all about our experience and get ready to have the best time with the family (adults included!)

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What is Activate Games?

Activate Games, an interactive gaming experience where players compete in rooms with different challenges.

Getting Started at Activate Games

We were greeted by the friendly staff and were given wristbands. We filled out our vouchers for everyone in the family (making sure to scan said wristbands) Once those vouchers were completed, we were brought to the hallway of the games and were given a quick tutorial on how to work it. Basically, we need to pick a room, choose a level and game we’d like, then scan and play!

Why Your Family Will Love Activate Games

Everyone stays active

Credit: Activate Games

This isn’t your typical video games; you are in the games! From dodging lasers to scaling the wall, the activities will get your heart pumping!

Work together..or not

Credit: Activate Games

I loved that we all bonded and worked together to accomplish a goal – to beat the system! But if you prefer, you can change it up and compete with each other instead. It’s really all up to you!

No need to keep track of score

No need to carry anything – everyone is given a wristband that is scanned before each room so you don’t need to keep track of the score. But do make sure to check the scoreboard to see how you guys rank.

So many games

Although there are only 10 rooms, there are multiple games that you can play in each room along with a varying levels of difficulty. You can rest assure that no two visits will be the same!

Tips to Enjoy Activate Games

  • Fill out an online waiver for each participant. There are kiosks at the location, but make sure to fill out online to save time.
  • A locker wristband is given per group so if you need to stow away anything, now’s the time.
  • The age suggestion are for those 10 and up but my 8-year-old had no problem participating.
  • Games are played with groups of 2-5 people, so if you plan on bringing a large group, expect to be split up into smaller teams.
  • Wear the correct clothing.  Make sure you wear sturdy gym shoes and clothes that will allow your body to move, jump and crawl.
  • Have patience. On our visit, it wasn’t too busy at all so we hardly waiting for any room. Remember, games last from 1 – 3 minutes so 3 minutes should be the longest you’ll have to wait.
  • Visit here on your birthday where they can play for FREE! Just go ahead and reserve a time normally via their website. When you get there, tell them you are celebrating a birthday and they will update their systems so that birthday boy or girl is free. We didn’t have to show any proof. Just be honest!

Nitty Gritty

Website:  https://activate.games/chicago
Address: 1600 16th St., Unit 6, Oak Brook
Hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily
Cost: $24.99/person for 75-minute play time
Parking: Plenty of free parking available on-site

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