My favorite day of the year is approaching – Paczki Day! On Fat Tuesday (or even before), local bakeries crank out paczki, traditional Polish donuts usually filled with jelly or some other sweet variation. Ever since I had my first bite of a paczki I’ve been crazy about them,and patiently (or impatiently) wait every year for them. And lucky for us (not for our diets), there are plenty of places to get paczki in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Okay, enough talking. Check out these places that we’ve personally tried where you can find paczki. (I know, I know it was a hard task but someone had to do it!)

In case you’re wondering how I rate Paczki. The ratio of dough to filling (needs to be a good balance) and the dough (dry is a big no no!)

*Updated for 2022*

Happy Paczki Day/ Fat Tuesday!

Where to find paczki in the northwest suburbs of Chicago

Country Donuts

Where: 181 W. Virginia St., Crystal Lake
Why: This is THE place to go to in the NW suburbs. In fact, they churn so many paczki. (Last I heard they had 60,000 orders!) With only 3 flavors to choose from (custard, black raspberry, and strawberry), Country Donuts is a prime example of a keeping it simple and excelling in what they do. 
The verdict: The dough is perfect fluffy while the combo of buttercream and filling melted in our mouths. They definitely don’t skimp on the filling, plus the fillings weren’t too sweet. So, so good!
Favorite flavor: Although black raspberry may be Country Donuts most popular flavor, buttercream and custard was ours!
Price: $2 each.
Tip: Pre-order early by calling their hotline. You can even pick up your order through their drive-through or curbside pickup.  How convenient, right? They are available from February 24th to March 1st.

Morkes Chocolates

Let's get ready for Fat Tuesday. Here's where to find Paczki in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs. Indulge in these Polish donuts!

Where: 11801 Main Street, Huntley
Why: If you’re looking for paczki with a variety of flavors, Morkes has you covered. Anything with their yummy whip is amazing!

Where to find paczki donuts in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.
The verdict: Oh so delicious, especially those with the yummy whip added. This girl, a strawberry fanatic, LOVED her strawberry whip paczki.
Favorite flavor: Strawberry with yummy whip and Bavarian custard with chocolate frosting.
Price: $3.95
Tip: Pre-order by calling, filling out their form, ordering online, or stop by the shop. 

Konrad’s Bakery

Where to find paczki donuts in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.
Where to find paczki donuts in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

**UPDATE FOR 2022 – They will NOT offer it this year due to staff shortages.**

Where: 9531 Ackman Rd., Lake in the Hills
Why: For an authentic Polish bakery, you can’t go wrong with Konrad’s.  You can even order a King’s Cake ($14.95+ tax) with a baby in it such as Cheese, Almond, Cinnamon. Although we never found the baby?
The verdict? In the past, we’ve tried chocolate silk and custard. So yummy. This time around, I slacked and didn’t get a pre-order in. So I only could try those what was available which was lemon and raspberry. They were both very good!
Price: $2.25 each for regular flavors. Specialty flavors are $3.50 each.
Favorite flavor: chocolate silk, custard. My kids loved the lemon.
Tip: Pre-order by emailing your order or call 815-526-3947. They do open at 6 a.m. on Fat Tuesday. They recommend coming early before they sell out.

Riverside Bake Shop

1309 Riverside Dr, McHenry

A wonderful bakery that does NOT skimp on the filling! They offer so many flavors so you’re bound to find something you like.

The verdict:
Riverside is another favorite in the area. Great ratio of filling and dough. You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend anything with whip.

Favorite flavor:
Strawberry whip is always a favorite!

Prices range from $1.47 to $3.90 per item.

Pre-order early by calling. Pre-orders can be picked up Monday, February 28 only. Cash or check only.

Deli 4 You

Deli 4 You Paczki
1601 S. Randall Rd., Algonquin

As a new authentic Polish grocery store in the area, I had to try their authentic paczki. Paczki are always available if you have a craving. I picked mine up about 2 weeks before Fat Tuesday. 

The verdict:
 I was limited to what was available: plain, Bavarian Creme, raspberry, and plum. I bought everything except plain.Oh, how I wanted to love them but they were not my favorites. The dough to filling ration was sad and the dough was too dry for my taste.  I don’t think this will be my last visit to Deli 4 You, thought. Everything looked so good in their dessert/pastry section.
Favorite flavor:
If I had to choose, definitely Bavarian creme. It almost balanced out the dryness of the dough.

Very affordable at $1.29/piece.
Tip: Preorders are available but when I called it was a 50 piece minimum!

Other places to find paczki

A few local places will carry paczki during this time so you don’t have to drive far to get your fix!

Cary Dairy Ice Cream Cafe









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Where: 395 Cary Algonquin Rd. Unit E, Cary
Why: If you don’t want to make it out to McHenry, then this is a great alternative to get some yummy paczki from Riverside Bake Shop.
Tip: Pre-order by placing on order on their website. Last year, they offered a paczki ice cream sandwich, a paczki loaded with Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Still checking to see if they’ll offer it again.

Eastside Cafe (formerly Uncommon Palate)

Where: 316-A N River St East Dundee
Why:They will carry paczki from Turano Bakery.
Tip: Pre-order by calling the cafe or messaging them via Facebook. 

Elder + Oat

Where:124 W Main St, West Dundee
Why: One of the newest spots to offer Paczki with three different flavors: rose filled, black currant, and E+O chocolate ganache.
Tip: Pre-order by placing an order online.


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