I’ve been on a search for fun animal encounters (stay tuned for the Chicago Parent article!) and found that people could walk goats at Nature’s Trail Yoga in Orland Park. How fun! I was able to preview this unique animal experience and can’t recommend it enough. Read all about our experience.

Disclosure: A big thanks to The Mending Muse and Nature’s Trail Yoga for arranging the preview. I was not required to express a particular point of view. All opinions are my own.

Getting started at Nature’s Trail Yoga

Located across from Silver Lake Country Club, the 5-acre farm in Orland Park is perfectly situated by the creek and backs up to the forest.  I never even knew there was a farm here and I grew up in the south burbs!

Tip: As you park, make sure to slow down and look out for any chickens or roosters that are roaming around.

Say hello to the goats

After we parked, we immediately spotted the goat pen with the happy goats. In the past we’ve found some goats to be too aggressive, but these guys were calm and very friendly.

Walk the goats

After the goats were leashed, we were introduced to our fellow companions: Wally, an 18 month old goat from The Mending Muse who visits Nature’s Trail Yoga regularly, and his friend Zombie, a blind goat.  (Fun fact: Wally is famous and has made several TV and newspaper appearances and can be booked for special events.) Michele, owner of Nature’s Trail Yoga, guided our family on the walk and gave us a quick overview of the farm. It’s evident how much she loves the goats and her farm. Work is currently being done to extend the path, so our walk was a little shorter than expected. Nevertheless, we still had a fun time walking the goats and hope to come back again when the work is completed.

Although winter was just ending, I could only imagine how beautiful the grounds would be during spring or summer. It really is an escape from the everyday!

Spend time with the goats

After walking the goats, the fun didn’t stop there. To conclude our experience we had a little bit of one-on-one time with the goats. While we petted them, we learned that many of the goats have fun food names like Taco, Waffles, and Cookie. My little animal lovers were smitten with these friendly animals, and never wanted to leave!

Final thoughts about Nature’s Trail Yoga

As you can see, walking goats at Nature’s Trail Yoga is a fun and unique animal experience. We hope to come back and try yoga, and of course say hello to our new goat friends. When the opportunity presents itself, go ahead and sign up!

Nitty Gritty

Website: https://www.naturestrailyoga.com/
Address: 14655 S 82nd Ave, Orland Park, IL 60462
Cost: $25 per person. A group of 8 people is recommended. Look out for this experience come spring.

While You’re Here: