As you know, drinking water is essential for our health. But honestly, drinking enough water is not as easy as it seems especially for kids. With a Vitapod, a revolutionary in-home drink machine, you will actually want to drink more water! Read on to find why we absolutely loved our Vitapod.

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What is Vitapod and how does it work?

Vitapod is a revolutionary in-home drink system that filters water and adds vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need.This machine is designed for the entire family. Plus, Vitapod’s mission is simple really: Healthy family. Healthy planet.

After unboxing the Vitapod, I was impressed with the sleek design. And thankfully, the Vitapod Machine doesn’t take up too much counter space. Vitapod works similarly to a Keurig by using a pod: Add water to dispenser; insert pod, press GO. But Vitapods are SO much cooler! For one, the entire family can use this water system. Secondly, watching a Vitapod work its magic is pretty cool, and the kids can do it themselves.

Why We Love Our Vitapod

Purified water

Vitapod’s multipass filtration system purifies the water so you can rest assure that you’re drinking the best water that you can. In fact, they filter better than market leaders. Even microplastics are filtered out.

Delicious flavors

Kids no doubt are usually bored of drinking water and more often than not are dehydrated. With Vitapod, kids (and adults) can drink delicious flavored water that encourages them to drink more. A huge plus? There is no added sugars! With Vitapod you can choose from 11 different flavors like watermelon, pineapple coconut, watermelon, orange zest, peach and lemon iced tea, blackberry mint, blueberry pomegranate, raspberry hibiscus, cotton candy, and green apple.

Quite honestly, everything we tried is so good! The cotton candy and watermelon were mega hits with the kids. I personally loved the blueberry pomegranate while the pineapple coconut reminded me of a pina colada. So,so delicious!

Good for you

The pods are not only delicious but the Vitapod enhances the drink with vitamins and nutrients that our body needs.  Most of the pods have electrolytes, low sodium, no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Instead of using sugary sports drinks, these have become our go-to option!  And as I mentioned before there is no sugar! But each pod also serves a different purpose. For instance, Hydra Pods are great for the gym, while the Sports Pod gives you more energy as well as muscle recovery. The Energy Pods give you a healthy dose of organic caffeine. Immunity Pods have everything you need to boost your immunity. The Beauty Pods were designed by a leading skin scientist in the world that contains collagen among other ingredients.  Another plus? Each formula they created is actually developed by doctors with over 100 years combined experience.


The pods use 90% less plastic than regular bottled water and and is fully recyclable. In fact, you can send the pods back to them to recycle – postage paid.

Cool water

The water is also cooled to the optimal drinking temperature which allows the body to absorb water quicker than if it was too hot or too cold. Even if you aren’t using a pod, the machine’s water filtration system ensures you have the best water to drink.

Final Thoughts on Vitapod

Drinking water has never been so fun! Our whole family absolutely loves Vitapod and you will too. What a wonderful way to increase our water intake!

Nitty Gritty

Cost: The Vitapod Machine retails for $349, while the pods start at $29.99 for 30 pods.
Where to buy: Purchase a Vitapod machine here and pods hereBut wait, save $15 on a Vitapod Machine or Vitapod Starter Pack when you use the code MOM15 (expires 9/30/21.)


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