Did you know that there is a sculpture park in Schaumburg? Officially known as The Chicago Athenaeum’s International Sculpture Park,  this hidden gem is home to 16 unique pieces of art from artists around the world. The 20-acre park is so hidden that I had my wedding photos taken here and had no clue it was part of a sculpture park!

True story.

So don’t be like me and take this gem for granted. Go ahead and plan your visit with these tips in hand. Here are some tips to read before you go.

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Getting started at the Sculpture Park in Schaumburg

Start your sculpture adventure by parking at the parking lot behind the Prairie Center for the Arts. Plug in this address for your GPS: 201 Schaumburg Ct., Schaumburg, IL 

Bookmark this map

This map shows the path to all the sculptures. It also has information on each piece which was really helpful!

Follow the paved path

The beginning of the path starts behind the parking lot by the woods. You’ll see this sign and know you’re on the right path. (Don’t take the hilly path.)

You’ll know you’re going in the right direction when you see the first sculpture similar to an arch welcoming you to the park.

After seeing the first one, we immediately saw the next ones on the path. The kids were so excited, they ran to each sculpture.

What I love about this Schaumburg sculpture park is that practically all of the sculptures (the other 3 are closer to the lake) can be found right by this main paved path.

Here are some of our favorites:

This statue was the last one the path. Time to turn around.

Follow the wooded trail…if you’d like

Not only is there a paved path, but there is a small wooded path that has bridges and even a creek too. We opted to walk this on the way back for a change of scenery. Entrances to the wooded trail can be found alongside the paved path.

You never know what you’ll find when exploring.

Take a break

They are benches located on the sculpture path so feel free to take a break whenever you’d like Also, with so much green space you can also bring a blanket and just plop down wherever you please. (If you’re by the pond, watch out for all the goose poop on the grass!) Another great option is to have a picnic. I noticed plenty of picnic tables scattered throughout. If you go up the hill on the paved path, there’s even a gazebo. And right next to it is the best climbing tree.

Don’t miss the other sculptures

Whatever you do, do not miss the other 3 sculptures by the lake in front of the Prairie Center for the Arts. Here you’ll find the most popular sculpture in the park, Awaking Muse.

Run up and down the hills

There are plenty of hills located throughout the park if the kids need to burn more energy.

See the swans

One of the highlights of our visit was seeing the three resident swans. You’ll also find all sorts of waterfowl like ducks and geese too.

More tips to enjoy the sculpture park in Schaumburg

Social distancing is easy

Situated on 20 acres, we found that social distancing was pretty easy on a Thursday evening. We didn’t find anyone else visiting the sculpture part although we did find joggers/walkers on the path.

Feel free to bring your bikes or scooters

Since almost all the sculptures are located by the paved path it would have been even more fun to bring their scooters or bikes. And super easy for those who use strollers or wheelchairs.

No bathrooms

Pre-Covid, we could use the bathrooms at the Prairie Center for the Arts but the building is closed. The Municipal Center has a sign saying you could only enter if you had business with them, so I doubt you would be able to use it during their office hours. Just make sure to use the bathroom before your sculpture visit.

Bring your furry friend

Dogs are allowed! Just make sure to keep them on a leash and of course pick up after them.

Make a day out of it

Want to spend the day in Schaumburg? Be like an American Ninja Warrior and hit up the “ninja park” and get bubble tea at the cutest cafe, The Umbrella Tea House.

The Umbrella Tea House decor

Final thoughts about the Sculpture Park in Schaumburg

If you’re ready to escape the hustle and bustle of Schaumburg, head to this hidden gem. You won’t regret it!

Nitty Gritty

Website: https://www.villageofschaumburg.com/our-village/sculpture-park
Address: 201 Schaumburg Court, Schaumburg, IL 60193
Admission: Parking and entrance is completely free!