Spring has always been my favorite season and it’s a little bummer that we cannot enjoy the season to its fullest. Although we may be stuck at home, there are plenty of spring activities to keep the kids busy and not bored! Check it out then download the free printable below!

Let’s make the most out of this spring season – we’ll get through it all!

Happy Spring!

The Best Spring Activities for Kids Stuck at Home


Stuck at home? Make the most out of your time at home with these spring activities. Then print out the free printable to mark your progress.

  • Fly a kite.
  • Rainy day? Don those rain boots and rain coats, grab an umbrella, and jump in a puddle!
  • Go on a scavenger hunt (indoor or outdoors)! Here are a few different ones or check out Pinterest for tons more.
  • Find something new to cook with the kids.  Just google and you’ll find tons of resources. We personally like watching videos from local momma Green Giraffe Eats. (The kids love cinnamon toast – so easy and yummy!) For a challenge, try to eat from the pantry.
  • Play a board game. Or make one up on your own. (Here are a list of our favorites.) Take a regular deck of cards and learn a new game.
  • Try a science experiment. Unleash your inner scientist and try any of these home experiments with stuff you already have at home.
  • Work up a sweat by trying an online workout. My kids enjoy Cosmic Kids yoga.Or switch it up and make someone else in charge of the workout of the day. 
  • Since we can’t visit the movie theaters or drive-in movie theaters, bring the movies to you! Relax in the comfort of your own home and have a movie night. if you have some large cardboard boxes laying around you can use them as cars and decorate them. Pop some popcorn and put on a movie. Make it extra special and stream one of the newer on-demand movies.   
  • Plant flowers. Our plan is to grow a butterfly garden to attract butterflies.
  • Learn a new language. My kids are learning Tagalog (Filipino language) via YouTube. Their favorite is interacting with Grandma via Facetime and practicing.
  • Watch butterflies grow. We’ve had our eyes on this grow your own butterfly kit.
  • Paint rocks. Head outside, find rocks, then get painting. Use regular paint, paint pens, or make it super easy and buy this rock painting kit.  After drying, bring it to the park to brighten someone’s day or add it to your own garden!
  • Make an outdoor obstacle course.
  • Time to play with Legos. Try any of these Lego challenges and see what they can come up with.
  • Put together a puzzle.  Have everyone pick their favorite puzzle and solve it or work on a family puzzle together. Our favorites are these 3D puzzles of buildings around the world. 
  • Have a Disney day! Did you know you can ride a few of the Disney rides virtually? Make it extra special by wearing your favorite Disney wear and get ready to have fun! For an extra special snack you can’t go wrong with these homemade Disney churros or homemade Dole Whip. YUM!
  • May the 4th Be With You! Get your light sabers out and have a fun on this Star Wars Day! No time’s a better time to start a Star Wars Day. You can find all NINE episodes to stream it on Disney + as well as the Mandalorian. Awesome, right!
  • Go camping (indoor or outdoor). Don’t forget to end the day s’mores over the bonfire or toaster oven.
  • Make friendship bracelets. Miss your friends? Give them something to remember you by.
  • Have a picnic on National Picnic Day on April 23.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Have a tea party. Bust out the tea set and serve tea. Optional: Dress in fancy clothes.
  • Learn to draw or paint.  My kids have discovered drawing tutorials on YouTube and they are HOOKED. Their favorites include Art  4 Kids Hub, Cartooning Club, and Draw So Cute.  Let out your inner Bob Ross with these painting tutorials. How cool!
  • Make chalk art. Write encouraging words or hearts on the sidewalk. Have you tried a chalk obstacle course? Try a chalk mosaic on the ground or on the fence.
  • Make slime or playdough. Find these easy recipes on Pinterest.
  • Say hello to your favorite animals virtually at any of these zoos or aquariums in the Midwest. We loved seeing Coconut the Sloth at the St. Louis Aquarium. Some even have optional activities to reinforce learning.


What’s on your Stay-at-home Spring Bucket List? What would you add?
Ready to keep track of your activities? Print out this free printable below!
Stuck at home? Make the most out of your time at home with these spring activities. Then print out the free printable to mark your progress.
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