The best pancakes can be found at Millie's Pancake Shoppe in Addison

Disclosure: Our family was provided a complimentary meal. I was not required to express a particular point of view, and all opinions are my own.

Don’t you just love finding new places to eat that you’ve never heard of? That’s exactly how I felt about Millie’s Pancake Shoppe in west suburban Addison where they are known for having the best buttermilk pancakes. Imagine bigger-than-your-face buttermilk pancakes made from scratch.  (Yes, my stomach is grumbling again as I think about these pancakes.) In fact, the recipe hasn’t been touched since day 1, and they’ll be soon celebrating their 60th anniversary. Crazy, right? On any given day, you’ll find regulars and locals that dine here. It’s definitely an Addison institution, but one I believe everyone should know about!


  • Oh,  those pancakes. If you’re looking for buttermilk pancakes done right, Millie’s is the place to be. They are huge, fluffy, and everything you want in a buttermilk pancake. We had a regular stack of pancakes (3) and we could have easily eaten more. I’m craving it as we speak.

  • Kids menu. The kids had a variety of food to choose from. But they couldn’t resist buttermilk Mickey Mouse pancakes.

  • Unique offerings. They have tons of great breakfast and lunch food, but their German Dutch Pancakes also received rave reviews. Even Chicago’s Best featured it recently. Watch the clip and I dare you not to get hungry.

How could we not try these? When ordering you have a choice of filling (apples, strawberries, or blueberries) for these special pancakes. We couldn’t decide so we chose both apples and strawberries. So good! It was as if we were biting into a cloud. It was light, fluffy, delicious and definitely something we’ve never had before. These babies take about 25 minutes to make so make sure you place an order for it right away.

  • Unique eggs. They’re the only I place I know that adds a little bit of pancake batter to their eggs. Oh so good!
  • History. I love places that showcase their history and Millie’s is no exception. The current owner, Jim Duda, is the third-generation owner of the restaurant. His daughter has even mentioned she wanting to take over the business one day. How awesome is that?

The best pancakes can be found at Millie's Pancake Shoppe in Addison

  • Original furnishings. They are so instilled in their tradition, that they have kept some of their furnishings back from they days. For example, walk into their “Booth Room” and you’ll find the original handmade booths.

  • Go shopping. They have an adorable gift shop and it’s totally decked out for the holidays.

 The best pancakes can be found at Millie's Pancake Shoppe in Addison

Fair warning: The kids won’t want to leave without buying something.

The best pancakes can be found at Millie's Pancake Shoppe in Addison

Bottom Line:

Oh, my goodness. Please, please, please try Millie’s Pancake Shoppe and get their buttermilk pancakes. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you won’t be disappointed with anything on their menu. It’s all so delicious.


  • Save money by visiting on Fridays where kids meals are half off!

Nitty Gritty:

Location: 605 W. Lake St., Addison in an unassuming strip mall. (Southwest corner of Lake St. and Mill Rd.)

Hours: Closed Mondays. Tuesday-Friday: 6:30am-2:00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 6:30am – 2:30pm
Parking: Free parking lot