Here’s a statistic for you: COVID-19 has caused a 500% increase in screen time. That’s nearly half of American children spending more than 6 hours in front of a screen! But sadly, it’s not so surprising, right? With this much screen time, how do you make sure that kids aren’t stumbling upon harmful content? How do we control how much time the kids spend on their devices?

Enter Circle Home Plus.

Take control of the kids' screentime with Circle Home Plus. Monitor their usage with time limits, filters, and set bedtimes.

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What is Circle Home Plus?

Circle Home Plus is a device that helps you manage every connected device on your home network.

Take control of the kids' screentime with Circle Home Plus. Monitor their usage with time limits, filters, and set bedtimes.


Super easy to install

I kid you not, I hate installing all the things and procrastinated on setting up the Circle.  I don’t know what I was so afraid of. The entire process was super easy. Once I downloaded the app, the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow.

Manage screen time

There are so many options to help manage screen time.(See below.)  My favorite screen management settings include setting time limits, setting age-appropriate filters for kids, and pausing the internet (if needed.) Another great feature is that I can restrict certain websites so they can focus on their homework. There are so many other features too including locating a device or checking out the device’s history,

Kids get a good night’s rest

Getting off screens before going to sleep is a must in order to get a better night’s sleep. With this device, I’m able to set a bedtime so screens are turned off a couple hours before bedtime. I honestly may need to set my own internet bedtime too!

Give rewards

A neat feature is that kids can earn rewards for extra screen time. This gives them the motivation to do their chores or go above and beyond their daily responsibilities.

Balance time

The best outcome of using this device? Balancing time between screens and family time which allows us to have more family time to  do fun things like enjoying the great outdoors.

Exploring the outdoors at Starved Rock State Park

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Final thoughts of Circle Home Plus

If you’re looking for an easy way to set limits and give you a little peace of mind, this is a great device for families.

Nitty Gritty

Cost: $69 for a three-month subscription; $129 for a one-year subscription; $299 for a lifetime subscription
Where to buy: Purchase on website,,, and Make sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer where you get 20% off your purchase of a Circle Home Plus + 1 year subscription OR a Circle Home Plus + Lifetime app subscription. Use code MOMSMEET2021


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