This week as part of our #100DaysofSummer we’re going to do a little exploring in our little neck of the woods – the Dundee area. Join us as we find the hidden gems around our ‘hood!

As a lover of all things sweet, our family’s sweet tooth brought us down the street to Around the Corner Candy. As you can imagine, visiting this candy store was a big hit with the kids — and the adults too!

The super fabulous owners will also give a candy basket to one lucky winner. Go ahead and enter here!

Nitty Gritty:

Location: 99 W. Main Street, West Dundee, IL 60118
Parking: Small parking lot in front of the store and street parking.


  • Hard to find candies. They have nostalgic candies such as flying saucers and chunky bars, candy cigarettes, imported licorice from all over the world, and so much more!

  • Tons of candy!  The store isn’t too spacious, but it seems like they maximed every nook and cranny with candy. Choose from including delectable chocolates, jelly bellys, and candy blox.

Around the Corner Candy Dundee Candy Selection

  • More than candy — we saw costumes, socks, magnets, novelty sodas, Ice creams and quirky gift items.

  • Affordable. They had a nice stash of candies for only $1. The boys had a fun time picking out a treat. There was also a 2 cent penny area.

Around the Corner Candy Dundee Candy Dollar Candy Cart

  • It’s popular! The walls of the store are decked with tons of autographs from famous celebritities.

  • All in the family. It’s a family-owned business now run by the daughter and nephew of the former owner. After a chat with the owners (see below), it’s quite obvious how passionate they are about their shop!
  • Plus who can disagree with this sign?

 Tips to enjoy Around the Corner Candy:

  • Make a day out of it! Park your car in any of the free parking lots nearby and walk around. You can’t miss Around the Corner Candy on Main Street.
  • It’s a little tight inside the store so if you’re bringing a stroller it would probably be best to leave it outside.

Did you know?

  • Around the Corner Candy has won the coveted Daily Herald award of “Best Candy Store” for six years in a row?

Gettin’ to know the people behind Around the Corner Candy: Clare and Austin

  • Please give a brief history of the store.

My mom liked being her own boss and always wanted to be a part of something that made people happy- hence the candy store. She worked her butt off for many years working 7 days a week and was determined to make it successful. She did so, and it was such an honor for us to be able to carry on her (legacy) of owning the candy shop!

  • You mentioned that your mother used to own the shop. What made you want to continue the business?

My mother (Kim Srajer) opened the shop back in 98′. I’ve been around it the majority of my life and just loved the idea of owning my own business. My grandfather always encouraged me to take over the business. He said there was nothing like the satisfaction of owning your own business. In fact, my last conversation with him was him telling me how proud of us he was and how he hoped Austin and I would take over the shop. My parents pushed me to explore other options to make sure this is what I really wanted, so I did. My cousin and I started seriously talking about taking over the shop together about 3 years ago, and in January 2015 we both got signed on as co-owners with my mother. We both couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t ask for better business partners.

  • Most popular candy that you sell? That’s a tough question. I can’t quite pin point one item. Perhaps one item per category? Old fashioned toffee and malted milk balls for chocolates. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled for kids candies. Albanese 12 flavor gummy bears for gummys. Nostalgic might be wax bottles or candy “cigarettes.”
  • Your favorite candy?

Austin’s is malted milk balls, Mine is probably (at the moment) the cashew crunch. I believe my mom’s is still the chocolate covered peanuts.

  • Favorite thing about East/West Dundee?

It’s charm. I love the old architecture.

Bottom Line: 

Every town needs a candy store, and I have to say the Dundee area is lucky to have Around the Corner Candy in their “corner.” Now, excuse me as I make a dash to Around the Corner Candy where I can try those malted milk balls, cashew crunch, and chocolate covered peanuts!

Have you been to Around the Corner Candy?

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