Road Trip Survival to Florida_ 3 Items We Can't Live Without

After going on long road trips for the past few years, it seems as if we’ve become seasoned road trippers. We have our tips and tricks up our sleeve to keep sane while driving with three kids (read here). Our latest road trip from Chicago to Florida went even better, and I believe our success had to do with three main products. Find out which three products helped us survive our trip to the south.

Disclosure: I was given products in exchange for reviews. All opinions are 100% my own. Some links may be affiliate links. What’s that?

Guidebooks: Along Interstate 75 and Along Florida’s Expressways

Before the digital age, I used to collect guidebooks as souvenirs. Not only were they super helpful but they always served as a souvenir to remember my travels. When I was planning this road trip to Florida, I learned about Dave Hunter’s guidebooks. He’s made the drive from Canada to Florida for years and has become the expert on the drive.  I found the guidebooks by seasoned road tripper Dave Hunter indispensable for the portions we drove on I-75.

His guidebook, Along Interstate 75, basically detailed every single exit and highlights special attractions or hidden gems along I-75. He even divulges tips such as when to slow down for police speed traps and radars. Each map page focuses on 25 miles of the road which equals to about 30 minutes. Not only did the drive fly by, but it was super helpful when we were looking for places to stop (because. you know, kids and potty breaks.)  Three of our favorite stops in Georgia — Lane Southern Orchards, Ellis Pecans, Smok ‘n Pig — were suggestions from his guidebook.

The other guidebook, Along Florida’s Expressways, was helpful as well as we continued down I-75 and then headed west along I-10. If we’re ever going to drive to Florida again, I would totally use this.

I can’t recommend these enough, and wish we had a guidebook like this for road trip we took!

MyCharge HubMini

I use my phone for everything — emails, taking pictures, GPS — everything.  Needless to say, my battery life quickly dwindles, and I’m left with a phone with no battery. It’s absolutely frustrating! Then I smartened up (a little) and started bringing my charger with me everywhere until I learned that finding an electrical outlet is much harder than it seems. Then my life changed. I started using MyCharge’s HubMini instead. What a total game changer! The portable battery provides up to 2x extra battery and includes a built-in Apple Lightning cable and a Micro-USB cable so I don’t have to worry about bringing along any extra cords or cables.  It’s also very compact so I can fit in my small purse. I literally cannot go anywhere without this — parks, libraries, zoo — everywhere!

Pure Organic’s Layered Fruit Bars

Road trips always mean snacks, but on this road trip I wanted to find something a little healthier. Say hello to Pure Organic’s Layered Fruit Bars. These fruit bars can be compared to fruit leather, and these were so, so good! It was good knowing that these did not contain artificial additives and preservatives. Instead Pure Organic uses organic fruit and vegetable juices and purees with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors. Plus, you can indulge in knowing it’s only 60 calories each. In addition to the fruit bars, we had the Fruit & Nut Bars handy. I personally loved these! With flavors like Cashew Coconut or Chocolate Brownie, you can’t go wrong.  These were much more filling, and a perfect snack in between meals. You can also find these at Wal-mart.

There you have it — three of my favorite items on our latest road trip. Do you have a favorite product you use on road trips?