It’s been quite a busy summer between traveling and keeping my little crew busy with activities. On my list was enrolling my boys in a few summer camps one of which was Challenger Sports – British Soccer Camp. My son basically had no experience with soccer whatsoever and I was a little worried about how he might be in week-long 3-hour camp. My worries were put the rest as I saw my son go from a boy that didn’t know much about soccer to someone that absolutely loves it.

Our Experience:

My son enrolled in a week long summer camp with 3-hour sessions. With no soccer experience whatsoever, I was a little hesitant in enrolling him. But I figured he could try it out.

There are two coaches – one head coach and assistant – both of which were from Britain.

The class size was fairly large with about 20 or so kids. Since the class was for ages 7 and up, he did end up being one of the youngest ones there and definitely a beginner, but that didn’t stop him from learning and having fun.

Every morning they started out by practicing a few drills and playing games like Simon Says.

At the end of each class, they had soccer matches. The kids were divided into countries and then would compete for a chance to go to the World Cup Match at the end of the week. It was a great way to get the kids to apply their new skills while having a little friendly competition.

As he had more time in camp, I noticed his progression from his non-existent skills to a fairly confident little soccer player.

On the last day, they had a championship round and winners were treated with a small prize. In the end, my little soccer player also was given a Certificate of Completion with constructive criticism from the coaches. Very neat!

In the end, my son came out much for confident that he’s ever been and have developed a newfound love of soccer. And I love that he shares his new skills with his younger brother and sister!

Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp - Teaching Skills to Siblings

Soccer has now become his favorite sport!

Bottom Line:

My son loved his experience at British Soccer Camp and would recommend it to anybody looking for a soccer camp that teaches skills, integrity, and confidence.

Nitty Gritty:

Where: Various locations
Cost: Prices vary.

Disclosure: My son was provided complimentary summer camp session. My thoughts are 100% my own.