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I’ve always been intrigued by art, and it’s been such a delight to find that my kids have developed the same fondness. And when I heard that Kohl Children’s Museum was bringing back the Chagall for Kids exhibit, we were beyond excited! The exhibit is such a treat – for both kids and parents.

Disclosure: Our family was provided complimentary admission to the Kohl Children’s Museum. I  was not required to express a particular point of view and all opinions are my own.


Nitty Gritty:

When:  The temporary exhibit, Chagall for Children, is here until September 6, 2015
Prices: Exhibit is included in the entrance fee. Admission costs $11 for adults and kids; under 1 are free.
Location: 2100 Patriot Blvd, Glenview, IL in the Glen
Parking: There is a free parking lot.
Stroller-friendly? On weekends, I always feel better leaving the stroller at home. On our latest visit, we didn’t have trouble navigating with a stroller.
Food: There is a Cosi Cafe and plenty of tables outside if you want to bring a lunch instead
Crowded: We were here on a Wednesday morning and it wasn’t too crowded
Nursing Friendly: There are little coves where you can nurse (no doors)

What to Expect:

The newest temporary exhibit, Chagall for Childrens, originally developed by Kohl Children’s Museum, inspires kids to learn more about art and the famous artist Chagall with interactive features of his famous works of art.

We kicked off opening day with fun activities to celebrate the Russian artist Marc Chagall. Some ways we celebrated:

  • Painting! Armed with paint stick (I really need to get my hand on these), this was a fun non-messy way of getting to paint the cardboard roof and also the clear vinyl house.

Kohl Childrens Museum Painting Roof

Kohl Childrens Museum Painting House

  • A blue chicken! Pink goat! Pink lamb! The most colorful petting zoo all represented from Chagall’s works of art.

Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall Chicken Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall Animals

  • Kids were encouraged to make their own masterpiece with sidewalk chalk and spray paint chalk. I, myself, couldn’t resist participating!

Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall Sidewalk Chalk


Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall Sign

  • Interactive! There are 14 stations and each includes a Chagall masterpiece along with information on the painting or art piece. Kids are then challenged to try an activity related to the masterpiece. If the kiddos weren’t able to read, they could listen to the information on the phone.

Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Art Exhibit Overview

Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Art Exhibits

  • Here are some of our favorites  —

The Juggler: My tech-loving kids were immediately drawn to this station because of the touch screen. Their mission? To find elements hidden in the painting.

Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Art Exhibit Juggler
America Windows: My little artists learned about the effects of light upon stain glass, BUT truly enjoyed rearranging the puzzle pieces to create their own art.
Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Mosaic
At The Circus: Any kid loves seeing themselves on camera. The experience is amplified when we have the option to don capes and are immersed in a Chagall painting.
Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Art Exhibit At The Circus TV Screen
I and The Village: It’s all about symmetry at this station, and again, lovin’ the puzzle-like pieces.
Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Art Exhibit I and the Village
  • Interested in learning more about Chagall? There’s an interestng timeline along with a little reading nook.

Kohl Childrens Museum Chagall for Kids Art Exhibit Book Nook

  • A learning experience…for me! I honestly did not know much about Chagall and I left with a bit more knowledge about the artist.

Tips to enjoy the Kohl Children’s Museum:

  • Don’t miss out on exploring the rest of the museum; it’s always so much fun. Believe me, my kids NEVER want to leave.
  • While you’re there, don’t forget to sneak a peek at the cutest turtles ever! “Turtle Rock,” features Red-eared slider and Painted turtles. Visit soon! They may leave soon to go back to their home at the Shedd Aquarium.

Kohl Childrens Museum Turtle Rock

  • Head outside. Habitat Park is such a fun place to run around and get fresh air. Besides a great playground, there were fun ways to playincluding “painting” with water.

Kohl Childrens Museum Habitat Park Painting with Water

Bottom Line:

What a fun way to get younger kids excited about art! Not only will the kids appreciate the interactive parts of the exhbit, but parents and adults will leave with a little bit more art education.

Did You Know?

  • Marc Chagall creations can be seen at a couple locations in Chicago. For instance, the actual stained glass artwork of America Windows, can be seen at The Art Institute of Chicago (and also where Ferris Bueller was smooching in front of) and also the Four Seasons mosaic can be found at the Chase Tower.
  • Marc Chagall has been called “the quintessential Jewish artist of the twentieth century.” He often stated that his work was “not the dream of one people but of all humanity.”
  • Chagall for Children is a traveling exhibit that is owned by Kohl Children’s Museum and has traveled to dozens of other museums over the past 15 years.

Giveaway Time:

Are your kids ready to get inspired by art and Chagall? In fact, two lucky families will have the opportunity to visit Kohl Children’s Museum and the Chagall for Kids exhibit.

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