A Photo Tour - Biking Mackinac Island

You know I love Mackinac Island, right? One of the most memorable experiences is biking around Mackinac Island. After all, how often are you on an island where bicycles and horses are the main form of transportation? Here is a photo tour of Mackinac Island. Biking along the perimeter on M-185 takes about an hour, but no need to be rushed. You are on island time! We explored as much as the kids could handle with lunch for about half the day. So strap on your helmets and follow along! A word of warning, it’s pretty darn hard biking and taking photos at the same time.

Things to know before you go biking around Mackinac Island

  • The perimeter around the island is 8 miles. They have miles and miles more of interior trails. The interior trails are much more hillier.
  • There are mile markers posted. Mile 0 is located in downtown on Main Street.
  • Rentals are provided everywhere. You’ll see them right when you get off the ferry as you walk down Main Street. You can also check your hotel first and make a reservation.
  • Stay to the right side of the road.
  • Horses and pedestrians have the right of way.

With three kids, we stuck to borrowing a bike with Burley Trailer attached. Our oldest just learned how to ride without training wheels and was still a little shaky. I totally forgot about tandem bikes – that would have been a fun option. Look how excited they are! Hah!

Biking Mackinac Island - Excited Kids

Since we stayed at the Grand Hotel, we decided to go west so downtown would be our final stop.

Between Mile 7 and 0

Biking Mackinac Island - School Playground

Biking Mackinac Island - Foggy Road

Between Mile 6 and 7

Biking Mackinac Island - Devil's Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen

Between Mile 5 and 6

Biking Mackinac Island - Browns Brook Springs

Brown’s Brook Park

Biking Mackinac Island - Browns Brook Trail   Biking Mackinac Island - Browns Brook Tree Root

Between Mile 4 and 5

Biking Mackinac Island - British Landing Signs

British Landing

Biking Mackinac Island - British Landing Food

There are food and restrooms here so would be a great half-way point.

Biking Mackinac Island - British Landing Cannon

And yes…sometimes you do run into bike problems. Thankfully, the hubs knew how to fix.

Biking Mackinac Island - Bike Repair

Between Miles 1 and 2

Biking Mackinac Island - Bikes on Side of Road

Stop and try your hand at stacking rocks.

Biking Mackinac Island - Rocks

Arch Rock – Take a pic with Arch Rock above you.

Biking Mackinac Island - Viewing Arch Rock from the Road

Then proceed a few more feet and find the stairs. Park here and take the steps up. There are 207 steps but IT IS WORTH IT!

Biking Mackinac Island - Arch Rock Steps

Biking Mackinac Island - Arch Rock

Between Miles 0 and 1

Stop and sit on one of their Adirondack chairs located in front Mission Point Resort. Look out at Lake Huron (if the fog isn’t too thick!)

Mission Point Resort Mackinac Island - Adirondack Chairs

Pass lovely colorful homes, inns, B&Bs

Biking Mackinac Island - More Colorful Homes

St. Anne’s Church

Mackinac Island Marquette Park

Lovely Marquette Park with Fort Mackinac in the background

Between Miles 0 and 1

Biking Mackinac Island - Downtown

Downtown on Main Street

Biking Mackinac Island -Fudge

Fudge, fudge, and more fudge!

Biking Mackinac Island - Downtown Road Horse Poop

Dodge the horse poop.

Biking Mackinac Island - Grand Hotel

That was fun, wasn’t it?

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