Party on with a Pokemon Birthday Party

It seems that Pokemon is all the rage, so when my soon to be 7-year-old asked for a Pokemon themed party, I couldn’t say no. Plus, I could finally get more use out of using my awesome Silhouette Cameo. We had plenty of hand-made crafts, and to top it off we had awesome entertainment – a LEGO workshop! Learn all the details about this fun Pokemon party.

The Invitations:

  • The invites were fun and really set the mood. I browsed Pinterest and found these Pokeball invites. They even had a Silhouette file, so a definite win-win for me. The kids helped put them together, and loved how it turned out!

Pokemon Birthday Party - Pokeball Invitations

The Decor:

  • I loved making this wood sign to welcome all the trainers. So adorbs!

Pokemon Birthday Party - Pokemon Trainer Sign

  • Once they stepped inside the house, the birthday boy was in charge of giving each guest a name tag. I asked the parents beforehand what their favorite Pokemon was. I used this handy dandy website that created the cards and I just printed them out. I added their name and uploaded their favorite Pokemon on the card. Plus, it was the only way that I would remember all 16 names!


  • I made a few adjustments to the original Silhouette file and made a Pokeball banner. Looked great on the fireplace mantle.

Pokemon Birthday Party - Fireplace Decor with Punch Game and Birthday Banner

Pokemon Birthday Party - Pokeball Birthday Banner

  • I hit the local dollar store and grabbed tablecloths in red, black, and white. I then slapped it on the dining table and made it a pokeball. The kitchen table was just red with red and white plates. Easy peasy!

Pokemon Birthday Party - Tablescape


The Food:

A party isn’t complete with a cake or cupcakes. I am not a skilled baker by any means, so I turned to Jewel-Osco’s bakery department to bake me a cake. They had a choice between cakes or cupcakes. We decided to stick with a quarter sheet cake. It came with a light up Pikachu!

I busted out my chip and dip platter and cut up strawberries and bananas. I added yogurt to dip in the middle.Pokemon Birthday Party - Banana Strawberries Pokeball

I also printed a few food cards like this Charmander Carrots. They loved reading their favorite characters on the card.

Pokemon Birthday Party - Carrots and Dip

Who could resist Oreos resembling Pokeballs? They may not have looked the best, but the kids didn’t mind at all. I just used red and white frosting. It would have totally been easier with white chocolate, but I used what I had.

We also had pizzas – half pepperoni and half cheese with olives in the middle to resemble a Pokeball. The kids were starving so I didnt get a chance to snap a pic.


  • These pokeballs coloring sheets were great to keep them busy until the main entertainment arrived.
  • The highlight of the party was having Play-Well TEKnologies instruct the kids on a LEGO-themed project. Stay tuned for a full review!

  • Once the LEGO workshop was over, we then headed outside to play more games. I had printed a few Pokemon characters on cardstock, then taped them all over the yard. I also printed a list of the Pokemon on a sheet for them to find.

They had a great time looking for them! I think I should have hidden them in more difficult places since they were done in just a few minutes.

Instead of a pinata, I made a Pokemon Punch game with cups, tissue paper, and cardboard. I then filled it up with candy, stickers, and a few of them had small Pokemon figures that I also used for the goodie bags. If I had to do it over again, I would make the holes a little bigger for their fists. I totally underestimated how big their hands were!

Goodie Bags

We included play dough, little Pokemon figures, candy, and stickers. I printed Pokeballs on these circular labels and just stuck them on the top of the playdough cover.

Pokemon Birthday Party - Pokeball Stickers

Pokemon Birthday Party - Goodie Bags with Pokeball thank you

Bottom Line:

What a fun birthday party! With a little creativity, Pinterest, a lot of help from my printer and Silhouette machine, I believe the party was a success. In the end, the birthday boy had a blast and that’s all that matters to me!

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