Wahoo Woods Dundee - New Nature Play Space

*Updated March 2021 as Hike #16 of the #52HikeChallenge.

Have you heard about Wahoo Woods, the newest nature play space to hit the scene? We absolutely loved visiting Bison’s Bluff in Schaumburg last month, so we were equally excited about this one. While the nature play space is different from Bison’s Bluff, it’s still a great space to connect with nature. The community should be proud of this one!

Why a nature play space? According to the Dundee Township Open Space:

Unlike static, traditional playgrounds, nature play areas give children the chance to solve problems and construct their surroundings through natural elements and unstructured exploration. Natural play spaces are designated patches of land devoid of any fancy playground equipment. Instead, kids are outfitted with dirt, sand, water, logs and sticks & encouraged to use their imagination to improvise free form fun.  


An article published in the Minnesota Star Tribune by Amy Goetzman adds that “a growing body of evidence finds that children of all ages who play outside and play with natural, found materials — such as water, rocks and dirt — have better physical and mental health, greater social resilience, and more creativity than their couch-surfing counterparts. In 2005, Richard Louv’s “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit Disorder” detailed a growing body of research tying rising rates of obesity, depression, and attention-deficit disorder to children’s limited access to nature. Newer studies out of Britain, Switzerland and Finland throw even more weight behind Louv’s argument.”


  • Lovely trails. The trails from Wahoo Woods connects to the Library Springs’ trails. While most of the paths are not paved, they were pretty easy to distinguish. Beautiful!

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Wahoo Trails

My favorite ones were the grass covered trails.

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Trail Sign

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Grassy Trail

  • Hike the Library Springs Trail. We were finally able to hike on the Library Springs trail. Very pretty through a mostly wooded area. As you can see, we attempted the hike when winter was still lingering on.

Enjoy nature at Wahoo Woods, a nature play space in Dundee. Hop from log to log, check out the Curiosity Shed, or hike Library Springs trail.


  • Balance on logs. Who can resist walking on tree stumps?

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Logs

  • Climb boulders. Every kid will want to climb to the top of the rocks for a pretty cool view of the rest of Wahoo Woods.

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Climbing Rocks

  • Kids can create forts. Kids are able to use their imagination to create cool things like forts with branches.

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Forts

Enjoy nature at Wahoo Woods, a nature play space in Dundee. Hop from log to log, check out the Curiosity Shed, or hike Library Springs trail.

  • Beautiful views. After exploring Wahoo Woods, follow the paths and find beauty all around you.

Wahoo Woods Dundee - View of Tree

Wahoo Woods Dundee - View

  • Other things kids will be able to do: check out the Curiosity Shed, go on a swing, create nature art, climb on hay bales, climb trees, and more.

A cool tree that resembles a rainbow


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Tips to Enjoy Wahoo Woods:

  • Plan your trip with a visit to the library located across the parking lot. They have a great kids section with wooden blocks, a train table, a dollhouse, puzzles, and more!
  • Check out the Dundee Library’s website for programs that include time at Wahoo Woods.

Dundee Library Kids Room

  • It may be a little muddy if you come after it’s rained, so just dress the kids appropriately.
  • There are a couple picnic tables by the library parking lot if you’d like to pack a lunch.
  • Use this map to plan your walk.

Wahoo Woods Dundee - Trail Map

Other Things to Do Nearby Wahoo Woods:

  • Have fun riding coasters and seeing animals at Santa’s Village.
  • Grab burgers or custard at Van’s Custard.
  • Explore Downtown Dundee with the cute shops.
  • Grab candy at Around the Corner Candy. 
  • Love arcade games? Spend a few hours at Underground Retrocade. Purchase a day pass meaning you can come and go as you please!
  • Amazing wood-fired pizza awaits at Woodfire Pizza.

Bottom Line:

What a great way for families and kids to connect with nature! Although many of the elements weren’t available when we visited, we will be sure to come back again.

Nitty Gritty:

Website: http://www.frvpld.info/
Location: 555 Barrington Avenue, East Dundee
Hours: Dusk til Dawn
Cost: Free
Parking: Shares a parking lot with the Dundee Library
Stroller-friendly? May be hard to navigate the trails with a regular stroller.
Food: No food available for purchase, but there are a couple tables available. Bring food and have a little picnic!
Crowded: We visited on a Wednesday morning and it was not busy at all.

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