National Geographic books inspires future explorers.

As we travel more and more, I’ve found that I have mini explorers always looking for a fun adventure. To fuel their love of exploration, I thought they would enjoy the newest books from National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 and Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret. Whether you prefer fact or fiction, these books are the perfect way to inspire kids to be explorers.

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Highlights of National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019

  • Facts, facts, and more facts. My 8-year-old son soaks up facts like a sponge and really enjoyed the 2019 Almanac. He was really excited to read facts about Vikings especially when they mentioned Thor, the god of thunder, and Loki, his mischievous brother who could shape-shift into different animals. When he saw facts about dinosaurs, the book immediately became one of his favorites.

National Geographic books inspires future explorers.

  • Portable. With its small size and magazine-like pages, my son was able to bring the Almanac wherever we wanted. It came in handy when we were going on our latest road trip.
  • Learn more. If you head to the Almanac website, there is a video of a real-life lion conservationist in the field, a lion quiz, and more.
  • Enter to win! Enter to win Lions Forever Almanac Challenge poster contest. Send in your original artwork for a chance to win $500 to host a party for your friends celebrating your love of lions and the importance of protecting them.! Check it out on

Highlights of Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret

National Geographic books inspires future explorers.

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret, is the first fiction book from National Geographic. Follow the adventure of Cruz Coronado as he embarks on an adventure in an exclusive school, The Explorer Academy. Not only does he train to be an explorer, but it turns out he is on his own adventure trying to find out who is after him. The first in a seven-book series, The Nebula Secret is exciting AND educational at the same time. In fact, the books introduce core subjects such as geography, history, STEM, exploration, and world cultures. It’s quite an adventure indeed!

  • Fun things to do before reading. Before reading, we hopped on the Explorer Academy website (, to watch their book trailer. We also tried a code-breaking game and learned a little bit more about the characters. We were all set to dive into the book.
  • Fast-paced and action-packed. Never a dull moment in Cruz’ story. You’ll keep reading until you figure out who’s behind all the mysteries.
  • Great illustrations. Geared for those middle age school kids ages 8-12, there were illustrations such as codes and maps dispersed throughout the book that helped paint a better picture.

  • Includes diverse characters. Kids from all over the world have come to Explorer School, so you’re introduced to characters with diverse background. We even learned a few Kiwi slang phrases like, “Sweet as!” Pretty neat.
  • Based on the adventures of real-life National Geographic explorers. If you flip to the back of the book, you’ll “The Truth Behind the Fiction” section where you can learn a little more about the adventurers.
  • Learn more. Some of the technology mentioned in the book are actually real-life tech. For instance, in the book, there is a piece of paper that assembles itself into an origami sphere with a secret message inside. This is called 4-D printing and If you head to the Nat Geo website, you can learn more about the tech.

National Geographic books inspires future explorers.

  • Win it! To celebrate the launch of Explorer Academy, one lucky family of four can win the ultimate grand prize of a trip to Alaska’s Inside Passage from National Geographic Expeditions. Your family can experience an awesome ship-based expedition, just like the students at Explorer Academy.  Enter here:

National Geographic books inspires future explorers.


Bottom Line:

What fantastic books to encourage learning and exploring! We can’t wait to read the rest of the Explorer Academy series.

Nitty Gritty:

Price: The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 has a retail price of $14.99, and Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret retails for $16.99.
Where to purchase: You can purchase the books on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Powell’s, or wherever books are sold.