Disclosure: We were provided complimentary tickets to enjoy Lynfred Winery’s Epicurean Experience. I  was not required to express a particular point of view and all opinions are my own.

My husband and I were in need of a date night and we wanted to do something other than a dinner and a movie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that’s ALL we do. My new year’s resolution is to actually stick with monthly date nights. When planning what to do, I remembered Lynfred Winery.   Heck, anything with wine is perfect for a date night. So we headed to the northwest suburb of Roselle and found our little slice of Napa.

Nitty Gritty:

Website: http://www.lynfredwinery.com/
Cost: Admission to the winery is free. The tour is complimentary. Pay for the wine tastings, Epicurean Experience, Founder’s Room, VIP Room
Location: 15 S. Roselle Road, Roselle, Illinois. Minutes off 390
Parking: Free; follow the brick road leading to a parking lot in the back


  • Family atmosphere. Not the bring-the-kids family atmosphere but the hello-long-lost-cousin type of atmosphere. As a matter of fact, the Epicurean Experience only has community seating.
  • Wine, wine, and more wine.  Need I say more?  In case you needed me to elaborate you can enjoy the following wine activities:
    • Tasting menu. Try 7 samples for $11 or by the glass for $11
    • VIP Room with wine & cheese pairings $28
    • Founder’s Room
    • Epicurean Experience (what we booked) where we tasted our way through 6 appetizers paired with 3 wines.

Lynfred Winery Epicurean Experience Appetizers and Wines

  • Outstanding appetizers. We signed up for the Epicurean Experience to taste 6 bite-size appetizers paired with 3 wines – a white, red, and dessert wine. Every word out of my mouth may have been, “This is soooo good!” It was hard to choose a favorite but the Eggplant Gratin with bechamel and gruyere paired with Sauvignon Blanc was delectable. The dark cocoa brownie paired with a not-so-sweet pear wine was perfection. Definitely go for the pear wine!

Appetizers from Epicurean Experience from Lynfred Winery

Lynfred-Winery-Frozen Chocolate Banana

  • Informative wine tour. The tours are led by a sommelier (Greg) so he knows what he’s talking about. Plus, he’s been with Lynfred for 15 years. We learned a little bit about the history of the winery, a bit more about wine, but most of all developed a deep respect for the Lynfred Winery legacy.  Plus, how cool is it to see the secret, locked-behind-bars personal collection?




 We wish…

…. they offered wine samples on the tour. Note to self: grab wine before the tour starts.

….we could try one of their special events like the April Fool’s wine pairing. Potato chips and wine? I’m all for a little different.

…we could stay here and try their B&B sometime in the future.

…they had a restaurant on-site. It would be amazing!

Tips to enjoy Lynfred Winery:

  • Pace yourself. You’re only allowed 2 experiences the whole day. Makes sense. You know, so you aren’t drunk off your arse.
  • Eat beforehand. While the appetizers for our Epicurean Experience were delicious, they were teeny tiny. (But oh so good!) And there is no restaurant on-site.
  • Peruse the super fun gift shop for  gifts, bread, and of course wine.


  • Join their membership to get discounts for wine, events, and even the Epicurean Experience.  You can sign up for the wine of the month club.

Get to know Chef Celeste:

Chef Celeste prepared the delicious appetizers for our Epicurean Experience, and I was dying to ask: Do you have a favorite dish and wine pairing that you’ve created for the Epicurean experience?”

Do you have a favorite dish and wine pairing that you’ve created for the Epicurean experience?

With Epicurean, I try to create appetizers that are unassuming, exciting and creative but most of all delicious. This is an avenue that allows me to unleash creativity. Many memorable dishes that I’ve created, one in particular, is my interpretation of Chicken & Waffles that was paired with our Pinot Noir.  It’s a chicken drummette with a chipotle glaze and a Mexican hot chocolate waffle.

Bottom Line:

Our first experience at Lynfred Winery was definitely a fun and memorable one. We cannot wait to make our way back, and perhaps even try one of their fun events.

Lynfred-Winery-Have a Grape Day


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