Book a private tour and learn about alpacas as well as feed them at Magic Meadows Alpacas in Wonder Lake in McHenry County.

Ready for a farm adventure? Make plans to go to Magic Meadows Alpaca in Wonder Lake. Not only will you learn about these sweet creatures, but you’ll also get a chance to hang out, pet them, and even feed them. What a wonderful experience!

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GETTING STARTED AT Magic Meadows Alpacas

First things first, tours need to be booked ahead of time. (See below on making reservations.) The property was pretty easy to find and we parked right by the barn. As we arrived, the kids immediately saw the alpacas by the pen, and they couldn’t contain their excitement! We met the owners Sally and Mike and they were as friendly as can be.

How did it begin?

After chatting a bit, we learned that Sally and Mike first had thoughts of owning an alpaca farm after driving by one in South Elgin. Looking for a sustainable option, they thought alpacas would be the best fit. Eventually they found the perfect property in McHenry County and started their farm with two alpacas – Shirley Temple and Chloe. Today, they now have 11 alpacas!

Learn about the Alpacas

Our private tour was quite educational. We learned that alpacas, originally from Peru, are similar to sheep and are sheared during spring. Their fiber has a variety of uses – weaving, felting, knitting, even making the softest stuffies. Sal works with a local fiber mill to make the most beautiful yarn and other products. They have even won a couple awards for some of their fibers. Some fun facts that we learned: alpacas have a padding underneath their chest and alpacas don’t have upper teeth.

Meet the alpacas

Seeing these gentle creatures up close and personal was such a delight. We first got acquainted with the male alpacas in the barn. After a few minutes with each one, we could see their different personalities emerge. Rainier loved to smell hair, while Choo Choo Charlie was good at taking photos. They were so adorable and quite friendly!

Feed the alpacas

After our visit with the boys, it was time to meet the ladies.  It also happened to be feeding time!  I don’t know who was more excited – us or the alpacas. Once they spied the food, they came running. It was the cutest thing ever!

Book a private tour and learn about alpacas as well as feed them at Magic Meadows Alpacas in Wonder Lake in McHenry County.


During our visit we also met a couple of the horses that were rescues. So sweet! Throughout our tour, their barn cat, Samson, also came by to say hello.

Buy Some Alpaca Goodies

For all things alpaca, make sure to check out their goodies including yarn made from alpaca fibers. My kids were too excited to find alpaca stuffies with the softest hair, again made from alpaca fleece. Sal also has a few home made items using some of the alpaca hair.



We had an absolutely magical time with the alpacas at Magic Meadows Alpaca. Not only did we learn about these gentle creatures, but it was also an interactive experience we are sure to never forget. Another gem in McHenry County!

TIPS TO ENJOY Magic Meadows Alpacas

  • Stay tuned for fun events like yoga with alpacas, photo shoots, and more!
  • Make sure call Sally at 708-309-1316 to set up your time and date.


Address: 9502 Thayer Rd, Wonder Lake, IL 60097
Cost: $10/person. 5 and under free. No walk-ins allowed. Please call Sally at 708-309-1316 to set up your time and date!