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As someone who is always on-the-go with kids, I’m usually always prepared with snacks for kids. But sometimes I forget about myself. If I’m lucky, I’ll grab a bar to go. Then I was introduced to Fuel For Fire Protein Smoothies. What a game changer! Delicious, healthy, made from real food protein smoothies that I can easily bring everywhere? Yes, please!

About Fuel for Fire

Founded in 2012 by a professional chef and six-time Ironman Triathlete Rob Gilfeather, he wanted to create a convenient snack made from real food that provided natural energy to fuel and recover from his workouts. Their mission is to change the way people eat on-the-go by making smart, impactful changes to their daily nutrition that support lifelong, healthy habits.


  • Super convenient. I love the small portable squeeze pouches since I could bring this anywhere! I could stash it in my bag ready for to bust out for a picnic…

…or before or after a run. I tried the coffee smoothie as my pre-workout for a 5K race and it gave me more than enough energy to finish the race. Post-workout I tried their tropical smoothie. It was so good!

  • Variety of flavors that actually tasted good.  I was able to try strawberry banana, banana cocoa, tropical, sweet potato apple, and coffee. The coffee surprisingly had real coffee in it — perfect for a kick! I’ve had a chance to try all their flavors, and they are all pretty good. My favorites were the tropical and strawberry banana. My kids had a taste and thought it was yummy as well. It literally tastes like a regular smoothie but much more convenient. No weird aftertaste either.
  • No refrigeration necessary. Love that I can literally bring it with me anywhere.
  • Real food. Their smoothies are made from 100% real fruit puree. You’ll find ingredients you can recognize. That means no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or anything that doesn’t come from a natural food source.
  • Healthy. The smoothies are packed with protein (great for promoting muscle health), contain nine essential amino acids, and are less than 125 calories. These are fat-free and contain no gluten, soy, nuts, GMOs. Awesome, right?

Bottom Line:

I am totally digging these! They are convenient, delicious, and good for you. What more could you want?

Did you know?

  • Each Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein Smoothie pack contains more protein than one whole egg.
  • The founder of Fuel For Fire handmade over 25,000 packs at home with the help of his twin daughters.


  • No refrigeration is needed, but Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein Smoothie packs taste great when chilled.
  • Want ice cream? Freeze the pouch for 30-40 minutes then cut it open for an ice cream-like treat.
  • Save money! Get a whopping discount of 40% off and free shipping on any purchase on fuelforfire.com with the discount code SAVE40. Offer expires July 31, 2018.

Nitty Gritty:

Website: www.fuelforfire.com
Price: A pack of Fuel For Fire Fruit and Protein Smoothie typically retails for $2.99. Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein Smoothie is available to purchase at fuelforfire.com, Amazon, and select retail stores. To find Fuel For Fire in your area, visit fuelforfire.com/apps/store-locator for the full list of locations.