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**UPDATE September 2018 — LOCATION CLOSED**

With three little ones in tow, we’re always on the lookout for new play spaces so the kids are able to let out a little pent up energy. We heard that Adventure Playland in Mount Prospect just opened, and we’re happy to say it rocks! Here’s the inside scoop:

Nitty Gritty:

Ticket prices: Admission varies depending on the day you visit. Monday-Thursday $10; Friday – Sunday $12, M-TH after 3pm $7 per child; Adults are free.
Location: 990 Mount Prospect Plaza, Mount Prospect. Located in a plaza tucked in the corner between Walmart and Aldi
Parking: Plenty of parking at the lot
Stroller-friendly? It may get a little crowded with the stroller.
Food: Cafe specializes in European fare including delicious crepes (sweet or savory). There are also salads, coffee, and snacks.
Crowded: We visited on a Tuesday mid-morning and found it crowded. (They did just unveil a LivingSocial deal). Tables were pretty hard to come by.
What to expect:  Tables, a pretty large play structure with a ball blaster area in the center; slides on either side of the ball blaster area; a soft padded area for younger tikes; ball pits


  • Since it is brand new it was very clean. I hope it stays this way!
  • Staff was actually seen playing in the play area with kids. A first I’ve seen at any play space.
  • Pretty large padded, play structure with plenty to do including obstacles, mazes, puzzles on the sides, and more. Sort of like a kiddie version of American Gladiator. (Do you remember that show?)

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Left Play Structure 2 Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Left Play Structure Top Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Left Play Structure

  • A ball blaster area. We’ve only see this once at Under the Big Top. Kids load their ball blaster with foam balls and off it goes. The contraption at the center releases the balls and shoots into the air. Similar to a water geyser but with balls.

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Ball Blaster Area

  • All kids love ball pits!

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Ball Pit

  • Delicious food! Pretty large-sized strawberry and nutella crepe and also a ham crepe. Both extremely yummy! In fact, everything on the menu – crepes, Belgian waffles, salads, wraps- is made from scratch (except chicken nuggets and pizza).

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Strawberry Nutella Crepe Food

  •  Sliding down into another ball pit!

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Slide Ball Pit

  • Padded section for crawlers with foam blocks

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Padded Baby Area

  •  Bathrooms fit for little ones. A low sink for the shorties and a changing table and chair good for nursing.

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Bathroom

  • 2 nice size rooms for birthday parties. See packages here.

Adventure Playland Mt Prospect Birthday Room

  • Gotta love free wifi!

We Wish:

  • …the seating area was larger. When it’s crowded, you may not get a table to sit at.

Tips to enjoy Adventure Playland:

  • Looking for a quieter experience? Visit on a Monday.
  • Bring socks!

Getting to know the people behind Adventure Playland:

  • How was the concept of Adventure Playland born? With a love of cooking, the owner Angelika originally wanted to open a European restaurant catering to kids  because of her son.  She also really wanted a restaurant with a play area so that the entire family could enjoy their visit. Hence, the idea of a restaurant and playground was born. Adventure Playland!

Bottom Line:

This new play place is definitely at the top of our list. We stayed here at least three hours and my kids could have stayed longer. They had such a fun time!

Disclosure: Our family was given complimentary admission to Adventure Playland. I was not required to express a particular point of view and all opinions are my own.

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