Have you heard of Whiting, Indiana before? I loved discovering small, adorable towns and Whiting Indiana boasts an ideal location right by Lake Michigan. Located just 30 minutes outside of Chicago, Whiting makes for a perfect day trip!

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What to do in Whiting, Indiana

Grab Coffee at Grindhouse Cafe

Whenever I’m in a new area, I love scoping out the coffee shops. Grindhouse Cafe was the perfect spot to pick up a coffee (me) and tea (hubs) in Whiting. I tried a Virtuoso of the Void, a lavender white mocha latte. It was excellent!

Tip: Did you know Whiting, Indiana is home to the Pierogi Fest? While you are on the street, make sure to take a pic with the pierogis.

Imagine being a mascot at Mascot Hall of Fame

Ever wonder what it takes to be a mascot? At the Mascot Hall of Fame we had the chance to find out! From dancing like a mascot to seeing how much a mask weighs, we learned that being a mascot is a bit tougher than it looks. The Sport Court is a fun area where kids can play basketball, soccer, football. There’s even an indoor play area, too! Not only do they have interactive exhibits and activities, but we can learn all about the mascots from our favorite sports teams.

Tip: Visit on the first Fridays of the month for FREE admission!

Grab food at Burrito Stop

When our hunger struck, I was so happy to have found Burrito Stop. Located on the main downtown street a few minutes away from the Mascot Hall of Fame, Burrito Stop served huge portions with a friendly smile. We loved it so much here that we stopped by twice (lunch and dinner.) We tried the taco dinner, shrimp fajita bowl, horchata, churros, carne asada. So, so good!

Ice Cream Time!

Located right next to Burrito Stop is La Michoacana IN. There was another ice cream spot located closer to the beach and Mascot Museum, but this was right next to Burrito Stop. Tons of unique ice cream flavors and paletas as well as my favorite – mangonadas.


Play some more at Whihala Beach

One of the highlights of our trip to Whiting was it’s proximity to the Whihala Beach. We could have spent the entire day here. Just pay a parking fee, walk a few steps and you’re at the beach. Love it!