Have you heard about the newest park to hit the park scene in Schaumburg? Well, if you haven’t heard about Bison’s Bluff then read on. And if you have heard about it – believe the hype. It’s a great park for everyone! And dare I say, one of our favorite parts around Chicagoland.


  • Climb, climb, everywhere! They have a bluff designed to resemble a natural rock outcrop which features the nature playground’s namesake, the bison.

  • Slides. Because who doesn’t love going down the slide? These are a little different from the traditional playground slides since this blends in more naturally.

  • A fun tree house with a cool rope climb, towers, and other fun climbing structures.

  • Hidden nooks.  While her brothers were busy climbing their hearts out, my little one enjoyed hiding underneath the treehouse. They even have a little hammock! A great way to get a little quiet time.



  • Flowing shallow stream. The stream wasn’t turned on when we were there, but should be a cool feature in the future. It surrounds the entire park, and there are log crossings at certain points.
  • Stepping stone. Have fun tiptoeing on the stones in the re-created shallow wetland.

  • A beaver lodge children can crawl into and help build.

  • Fun creating music in the musical area. They loved banging on the giant windchimes.

  • Sand and water play area. Definitely a hit with other kids!
  • A learning experience. The informational signs are located everywhere to help guide children and parents to make the best use of natural play opportunities.
  • Game of checkers, anyone? So cute with little tree stumps as a table and chairs.

  • Adorable animals everywhere we turn.

  • Follow the little animal feet. It was fun guessing what animal the footprints belonged to.

  • Plenty of seating in the form of benches, logs, and boulders.
  • Tables and chairs. Loved that there were tables and chairs located throughout.  Perfect for a picnic!


We Wish:

  • the stream was running. We can’t wait to come back and check it out.
  • It wasn’t so busy! But we aren’t too concerned – we will be back!


  • Visit during morning hours or during the week with young children. Weekend afternoons with nice weather = filled parking lot.
  • Pack a lunch and sit at the tables.
  • Bring a change of clothes if your kids cannot resist the sand area. Because sand + water = messy (but happy) kids.

Bottom Line:

Seriously, go ahead and make plans to visit this wonderful gem. Try to spend the day exploring the grounds. You won’t be disappointed!

Nitty Gritty:

Website: parkfun.com
Location: 1111 E. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg
Hours: April 1 – October 31        9 a.m.-8 p.m.
Cost: Free
Parking: They expanded their parking lot, but at times have filled up.
Stroller-friendly? We did bring a stroller, which was perfectly fine. Plus, we could hop on the trails and explore.
Food: No food available for purchase, but tables are available. Bring food and have a little picnic!
Crowded: We visited on a Friday morning when the kids were off school and it was very busy.

Chicagoland's newest nature playground Bison Bluff in Schaumburg

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