Having a birthday at Adventure Playland Mt. Prospect

**UPDATE September 2018 — LOCATION CLOSED**

My son just turned five and for his birthday he wanted nothing other than a birthday party at a play place. (Well, that along with a Power Rangers cake) We were so smitten with our latest visit to Adventure Playland that we thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate his milestone birthday. Boy, were we right! It was completely stress-free, and best of all, the kids and birthday boy had tons of fun!

Nitty Gritty:

Website: http://www.adventureplayland.us/
Location: 990 Mount Prospect Plaza, Mount Prospect. Located in a plaza tucked in the corner between Walmart and Aldi
Parking: Plenty of parking at the lot
Stroller-friendly? It may get a little crowded with the stroller.
Food: Cafe specializes in European fare including delicious crepes (sweet or savory). There are also salads, coffee, and snacks.
What to expect:  Tables, a pretty large play structure with a ball blaster area in the center; slides on either side of the ball blaster area; a soft padded area for younger tikes; ball pits

The Party Room:

  • We had about 25 adults and 15 kids in one room. Granted not everyone was in there all at the same time, we found it a little bit crowded at times. Then again, we did have a pretty large party.

  • Cute kiddie tables were set up for the youngest ones, and another one set up for adults. Cutlery was provided along with plates.

  • Two party rooms are available. Pretty similar in size except the other one doesn’t have windows. There’s a partition that can be removed to make a one big room.

The Fun:

  • The main entertainment (and only one needed) was of course the playground. Kids had a so much fun from watching balls blast in the air at the ball blaster zone to sliding down one of two sets of slides into a ball pit.
  • Read more about the play area here.

The Party Package:

  • We opted for the package for up to 15 children for $310
  • Themes are available for an additional fee. You can also bring your own decorations early if you wanted.
  • Includes 2 hours of a reserved room with playtime in the playground.
  • Kiddie meals include 2 slices of pizza and juice box. You can add more food including some delicious crepes. We had the strawberry and cream cheese and it was so yummy!

  • We ordered pizza for the rest of the adults for an additional cost of $23 per pizza. It was from a local pizza joint Marco’s and was delicious! Really glad we didn’t have to pay per adult as we have done in the past.

  • Different options for foods you don’t typically see at play cafes like a sweet assortment tray (cheesecake, file shells, pie) or a waffle tray.
  • Not only did the party host help clean up, but she would also pop in the kids playground to see how the kids were doing. It was great having one less thing to worry about!
  • We were allowed to bring our own cake or cupcakes. (Power Rangers, of course!)

  • Deposit of $70 needed for all party bookings.
  • Pay in full 7 days before the party date.

We wish…

  • …we were able to bring more food besides cake.

Tips to enjoy a party at Adventure Playland

  • Be sure to let guests know where Adventure Playland was located. A few guests had a hard time finding the place.
  • Tell guests to bring socks! Or better yet, bring a few extra ones. If not, they can just buy socks for $1.50 at the counter.
  • Schedule a party Monday through Thursday for $50 less.

Bottom Line:

My son and his friends had a blast at Adventure Playland! We heartily recommend having a party here for anyone that wants a stress-free party. Both parents and kids will leave happy!