Looking for something free to do to celebrate the Halloween season? Don't miss these Halloween houses in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

It’s almost Halloween! For the past few years, my family and I have been on the search for Halloween houses that go all out and we’re happy to report that we found a few that you will love! So get in your car, wear your costumes, and have a spook-tacular time!

Tip: Make sure to check their Facebook page or website for updates before you go!

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Where: 1066 Algonquin Road, Fox River Grove; Other maps also say 1050 Algonquin Road, Fox River Grove (Hill Top Lane and Algonquin Road)
Spooky fun:  This Halloween House offers a drive thru and what a wonderful job! Take your time driving through because there is so much to see all around. There’s music, animatronics, fire (yes, fire!), and so much more! The undead do make an appearance sometimes so be forewarned! They also offer an elaborate holiday lights drive thru during the holidays and we love it so much it’s become a yearly tradition.



Where: 10716 Wheatlands Way, Huntley (Haligus and Algonquin)
Spooky fun:  The huge skeleton, Boris, and friends are ready to spook you. Don’t forget to look at the windows! On certain days, they have undead actors and give out candy. Want a photo op? They have a coffin or a guillotine to snap a pic.


Where: 1821 Hartley Drive, Algonquin (Randall and Harnish)
Spooky fun: Two houses make up the elaborate display. My kids are obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas so they loved seeing Jack, Sally, Zero, and friends. But they offer so much more too! Animatronics, sounds, and a chance to walk through the front yard… if you dare.


Where: 340 S. Annandale Lane, Lake in the Hills (Algonquin and Lakewood)
Spooky fun: Lots of animated props so watch out and prepare to jump!  The elaborate display includes the side yard and the garage. We made the mistake of coming before dark so we’ll be back! Donations accepted.

Looking for something free to do to celebrate the Halloween season? Don't miss these Halloween houses in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


Where: 9731 Chetwood Drive, Huntley (Lakewood and Algonquin)
Spooky fun: Gotta love it when they do this for charity! This Halloween House for the Hungry is perfectly situated at the corner which means more things to look out. The Pet Cemetery and wall of dolls was a nice touch. Really adored the skeletons scenes. When you stop by (and you definitely should!) make sure to bring canned goods to donate.

Wicked on Welsh

Where: 9491 Welsh Lane, Huntley
Spooky fun: Wow! Just wow! Bring those cameras for photo opportunities galore! We liked snapping a pic with photo props and a towering skeleton hovering over us. Find a skeleton pirate scene, a humongous werewolf, and so much more. In the past, there was a Stranger Things thing with a floating Max AND a Stranger Things walk through. The theme has changed this year but they still offer a garage walk through which is still equally creepy.

Westbury Manor and Cemetery

Where: 1821 Westbury Dr., Algonquin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100076126933583
Spooky fun: Lots of creepiness going on here with number pneumatic props. The walk through the front yard is fun and winds through the side and porch of the house. Watch out if it’s a weekend! Someone (or something) may pop out! Just so you are aware, there is lighting with a strobe effect by the porch. One of our top favorites this year!

Demonground: The Hidden Haunt

Where: 640 Regal Ln.
Website: demonground.com
Spooky fun: Another fun walk through haunt. Lots of moving parts and fog! I adored the pumpkins here.

Massacre on McKinley

Where: 4 McKinley St., Lake in the Hills
Website: www.facebook.com/MassacreOnMcKinleySt
Spooky fun:  The corner house packs a lot of creepiness in the form of a walk through haunt. Enter first through the clown tunnel then explore all the spooky scenes. Another new favorite for 2023!



Where: 10262 Somerset Ln., Huntley
Spooky fun:  The haunted pumpkin patch makes for a creepy cute photo op with a huge skeleton posing behind you.

Disturbance on Somerset Lane


Where: 10252 Somerset Ln., Huntley
Spooky fun:  The creepy circus tent is a unique feature. Step on the floor and these clowns come to life.

Find these Halloween Houses

Here’s a map to help you navigate and plot your own Halloween House Tour.


While You’re Here

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  • Deicke Park is a great park to let out all those wiggles.


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