A picture book review of "Being Small (Isn't so Bad After All)" by Chicago author and mom Lori Orlinksy.

Reading is one of our family’s favorite things to do, and we love adding new books to read to our collection. I especially love it when I can support a local momma at the same time. So when Chicago-based momma, Lori Orlinsky, approaches me to review her latest picture book, I jumped at the chance! Read on and find out what I thought about the book, then get to know local momma/author Lori Orlinsky in the interview below.

Disclosure. I was given a review copy. As always, the opinions expressed are those of my own. The post may have affiliate links.


What happens when a girl doesn’t want to go to school because she feels left out due to her short height? Her name is at the bottom of the measuring stick, and she finds herself alone. Plus, all her friends can do all these things like reach the light switch or play sports.“Don’t you see that being small really is no fun at all?” Then her mom reassures her that “there’s so much that small kids like you can do.” The daughter feels much more confident after hearing all the things that she can do given her height, and finds out “that being small isn’t so bad after all.”


  • A wonderful message. Hey, it’s okay if you’re short. There’s plenty of other things/perks you can do. My kids, shorties themselves, could totally resonate with the message. Plus, I love the underlying message that everyone is unique and to love yourself the way you are.
  • Rhymes. I find books that rhyme so much enjoyable to read to kids. This book is no exception.
  • Cute illustrations. The illustrator, Vanessa Alexandre, did a great job with the illustrations. My daughter deemed every page “her favorite.”

A picture book review of "Being Small (Isn't so Bad After All)" by Chicago author and mom Lori Orlinksy.

Bottom Line:

We love the book’s message and adore this book. It will be a great addition to our bookshelf! Can’t wait to read more from Lori.

Get to know the author: Lori Orlinsky

Reviewing "Being Small (Isn't So Bad After All), a book from Chicago author and momma, Lori Orlinsky.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background and why you decided to write a book.

I’ve always been a writer – I remember making construction paper books as a child, and that love for writing only grew stronger in college, where I majored in Journalism at Indiana University and served in various editor roles at the student newspaper. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have freelanced for a number of newspapers, magazines, and websites. I always knew that I had a book in me, but I never had the inspiration for a story. One day it hit me, straight from personal experience when my daughter Hayley (who was 3 at the time) decided she didn’t want to go to school anymore because she was the shortest one in her class. A simple activity when her preschool teachers hung up a growth chart turned out to be one of the defining moments in my life as well. I’d always tell her the fun advantages that only she has because of her height (she is the last one to get wet when it rains, or that she can find the best hide-and-seek spots).  Nothing seemed to make her feel better, and to make matters worse, no books existed on this topic. That’s when “Being Small” was born. The book is a true labor of love for Hayley and I’m proud to say that it has really given her confidence and a sense of pride when her height becomes a topic of conversation. When I started writing the book, the message was about empowering short children. However, along the way, I realized it had some very important undertones about embracing and celebrating what makes each of us unique. 

“A simple activity when her preschool teachers hung up a growth chart turned out to be one of the defining moments in my life as well.”

You mentioned that you write for Chicago Parent (woo hoo!) Do you write part time or full time? What do you do?
I absolutely love freelancing for Chicago Parent because I get to write about everyday things that impact me as a mom. Sure, I am biased, but it is the best publication out there for local moms. I also have a full-time job as the Marketing Director for WTTW, Chicago’s PBS Station.  
Do you have plans to write another book?

Yes! I just wrote my second children’s book, titled “The Tooth Fairy’s Tummy Ache,” and it is due for release in the Fall. I am very fortunate to be working with both my publisher (Mascot Books) and the same illustrator again. Writing “Being Small” and hearing how the message has resonated with other children has really given me the confidence to say “I can do this again.” And to be honest, I never want to stop.

What do you and the family do for fun? Favorite Chicago activity?
When my daughters aren’t booked with dance or gymnastics classes or birthday parties (which is very rare), we love going to Chicago’s world-class institutions like the Brookfield Zoo (where an Emu once bit my daughter) and the Shedd Aquarium. We live at Whealen Pool in the summer. We also like to play tourist, as we have taken the girls to The Ledge at the Sears Tower and to Skydeck at the Hancock. My working and writing schedule does not really allow time for me to cook often (we will go with that), so my kids have been enjoying more “fun” family dinners out, like Japanese steakhouses and fondue. We can also be seen at Dave & Buster’s at least once a week trying desperately to win useless stuffed animals from the claw machine.

Nitty Gritty:

A picture book review of "Being Small (Isn't so Bad After All)" by Chicago author and mom Lori Orlinksy.

“Being Small (Isn’t So Bad After All)”
Mascot Books
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