Friday, April 18, 2014

Exhibit Review and Giveaway - Museum of Science and Industry: National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers

Our favorite museum in the Chicagoland area, the Museum of Science and Industry, always keeps it fresh and interesting with new exhibits. This time around they had a new exhibit, National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers that explores five different areas of the world. And as a family that loves to travel, we were excited to check it out!

The Exhibit
From the creators of National Geographic, this brand new exhibit looks at five different areas or eco-zones around the world:  rain forests, polar, oceans, mountains and caves, and savannas. What's great about each section is that there are interactive elements that encourages you to be your own explorer. Throughout the exhibit, it was really neat to see photos, footage, and items from real National Geographic scientists.

Here are some things to expect:

TREK: RAINFORESTHang out in a prep tent for a fun, self-guided discovery about life in the tropical rain forests—the wet, wild and wonderful ecosystem that provides much of the air we breathe, safeguards Earth’s incredible biodiversity and may well hold the key to new life-saving remedies. Try your hand at identifying incredible insects from the Amazon and get “grossed out” with realistic creepy-crawlies while discovering the benefits of biodiversity

DIVE: OCEANS - Kids can get in a undersea submersible and see deep-sea exploration
Can you handle life under pressure? Find out in the oceans eco-zone, where you’ll descend into the deep in a replica 3-D submersible. Mysteries of life under pressure and at great depths are revealed through stunning National Geographic videos. Learn the science behind submersibles and how life forms at varying depths. Get up close and personal with AIR JAWS, an 11-foot long sculpted great white shark—one of the ocean’s oldest and most misunderstood predators. You will learn about underwater creatures’ hunting habits through the use of a Crittercam.

CLIMB: MOUNTAINS AND CAVESDescend closer to the Earth’s core and ascend to its highest peaks. You can climb a mountain and learn about the animals that make their homes there, and explore a crystal cave featuring an interactive activity that will allow users to touch and illuminate a selection of crystals. Meet Carsten Peter, an explorer who takes on Earth’s most challenging caves to share photographs with the rest of the world. Then, ascend into the thin air of the Himalayas, but be careful, you might be caught by a camera trap, the same technology used by explorer Steve Winter to capture photos of the elusive snow leopard

SOAR: SAVANNA -  “float” in a hot-air balloon to check out migration patterns,
Take a hot air balloon ride to witness “Life On the Move.” Through seamless video production, surround sound and other atmospheric effects, you’ll soon have the sensation of flying over the savanna where wild herds still roam. Next, put your animal tracking and migration mapping skills to the test through an interactive activity matching scat samples with the animals that produced them. Meet explorers who document the incredible life cycles and stories of elephants and other endangered mammals of the savanna.

CHILL: POLAR REGIONS - check out a model of an Arctic cabin; Assemble the right mix of protein and carbs in “What’s for Dinner?” Watch a polar bear pace outside a window, and flip through an explorer’s notebook to learn first-hand survival strategies from photographer Paul Nicklen. 

Compare your own “thermogram,” heat loss signature, to a polar bear’s and test out how well different gloves protect your hands from the chill of an ice plate. Guests will learn about penguins and other species native to Antarctica.

Bottom Line:
Overall, we found the exhibit very interactive and interesting. While my toddlers (ages 3 and 2) were only interested in a few sections, I could see anyone else older who read and love solving puzzles would enjoy the exhibit immensely.

Nitty Gritty
When: Now until - September 1, 2014
WhereMuseum of Science and Industry, 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Cost: Tickets are not included with general admission and is an additional cost ($9 adult, $7 kids).
Parking: $20

Interested in checking this out for yourself?

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  1. It has been so long since we have been there that I can't even remember! Would love to take our son for the first time. I think he would like the Coal Mine - I heard that is a great exhibit for little ones.

  2. we haven't been here for a while but i think my kids will enjoy The Idea Factory, my kids love to play with water :)

  3. My kids love the Idea Factory. I like the storms exhibit.

  4. We love the submarine and the IMAX theater. Those are two must visits every time.

  5. I love the Christmas trees at the holidays!

  6. I always am fascinated with the German U Boat!

  7. Haven't been for many years, but saw on their website they have Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives right now and would love to see it with my family.

  8. I am not sure what my favorite exhibit would be. I am headed to Chicago with my family in August, and the museumi s definitely on our "must-see" list!



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